Potential Auto Repairs Based on Noises

Did You Hear That Noise? What Could the Problem Be?

When you’re driving along on your daily commute or road trip, you’re probably going to hear some noises. Is what you hear comparable to your symphony (children laughing, a great-running hot rod, or songs from your speakers), or is it a cacophony (jackhammers, fighting children, or a poorly operating vehicle)? We can’t stop the jackhammers, and you’ll have to deal with your kids if they’re arguing. However, if your car is making noises because there’s a problem, Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, is your go-to shop for auto repair.

What Did You Hear your Car Say?

When you bring in your vehicle for repair, we’re interested in your account of what you’ve been hearing. That gives our ASE-certified technicians a good clue about where to begin. Next, we’ll check out the auto, taking into account any trouble codes as well as what we observe. However, we’re glad to give you an overview of some of the more common noises and their underlying causes. For example, brakes in need of repair can make multiple noises, often dependent upon the severity of the defect. If the brakes squeak or squeal when you depress your pedal, the metal brake pads may need replacing. If the sound gets worse (i.e., goes from a squeal to a grind), the pads may be so badly worn that the calipers are abrading against the rotors. That’s damaging because metal is scraping and/or cutting other metal. Another source of trouble and noise might be the steering system. Have us check out your auto if you hear groaning when you turn the steering wheel. Is your car complaining, “Rrr-rrr-rrr,” for an extended period when you attempt to start it? Your battery may be getting weak. If that’s the case, the sound is coming from the car trying to start when there’s not enough power to turn the motor quickly enough. The flapping sound you notice isn’t a giant bird flying overhead. It could be the ventilation flap in the air conditioner. If it’s in poor condition, it will let you know. Likewise, rumbling coming from underneath may not be an earthquake or volcano. Most likely, it’s a signal that we need to examine the exhaust. Squealing from the underside of the hood points to a worn belt.

Auto Repair You Can Count On — No Matter What You Heard

No matter what unusual noises you hear from your car, Integrity Automotive can help. Since 1999, we’ve been providing reputable, honest auto repair services for our neighbors. We’ll tell you truthfully what’s just a harmless occasional sound and which one shouldn’t wait for a fix. Then we’ll make high-quality repairs.

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