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Tire Repair

If your car has a damaged tire, you need a professional auto repair provider to fix or replace it. Only a trained expert can determine if a tire is safe to repair and if not, they’ll recommend a variety of suitable replacements. At Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians are tire repair experts. They’ll be able to inspect damage to determine if your vehicle’s tire qualifies for repairs. Tires are specifically designed to help vehicles achieve traction, control, and efficiency on the road, and they may be fatefully compromised after any damage such that the tire cannot be safely or lawfully used again. During their check, our technicians look for any of the problems listed below. If they find even one, by law, the tire can’t be safely repaired.

  1. The tire is flat or has lost significant air pressure. Once air pressure is lost, the structure and integrity of the tire are compromised.
  2. There is scuffing outside of the tread area. Circumferential scuffing is a sign that the vehicle was driven on a flat tire. Again, that means the tire is unfit for operation.
  3. The damage is outside of the tread area. The tread is the rigid part of the tire that makes contact with the road. Any punctures outside of it cannot be repaired.
  4. Only punctures smaller than 1/4” in diameter may be repaired. Anything larger, including cuts and gashes, won’t be repaired.
  5. If a tire has been repaired before it may not be repaired again, even if the damage meets the above qualifications.

Tire Replacement

Just because your tire can’t be repaired doesn’t mean you are doomed to worry and stress. The Integrity Automotive team is already a few steps ahead and prepared with a selection of tires for your vehicle. We are tire sales specialists, which means we know how to find the best kind of tire for your vehicle and driving purposes. With hundreds of options to choose from, it might take customers hours or days to find a good choice of tire for their vehicle. Our sales specialists simplify the process using their knowledge of the industry’s best brands and manufacturers’ recommendations. Based on the information provided in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, we’ll narrow down your options to those best suited to your specific car, truck, SUV, or van. Then, we take your individual driving habits into account to pick the exact one made for you. For example, if you spend a lot of time driving on the highway, we’ll want to find a tire designed with efficiency in mind. Those who have to be out and about in winter’s harsh conditions may look for something designed for use in snow or ice.

Get Rolling Again!

With a little help and guidance from Integrity Automotive’s ASE Certified technicians and tire sales specialists, you’ll be rolling safely and smoothly again soon! We’re here to help drivers in Williamstown, New Jersey keep their cars in top condition and equip them with high-quality parts from reliable brands. If you find a damaged or flat tire on your vehicle, don’t panic! Simply call us at (856) 629-6906 to get in touch with an expert. You’ll want to get the tire fixed as soon as possible and especially before a state safety inspection! We’ll help you find a convenient time to get repairs done. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by our shop for fast service! We guarantee same-day service for walk-in customers.* Find us at 1971 N. Black Horse Pike, a few blocks off of the Atlantic City Expressway. We look forward to serving you!

*Wait times may vary based on the daily schedule.