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Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System

Are you wondering if your vehicle needs muffler repair? If so, Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey can help. We are exhaust experts and perform full inspections and repairs for all makes and models. At the first sign of trouble with the exhaust system, you’ll want to seek professional help because those problems mean your vehicle isn’t operating at its best. It may be using up more fuel, working harder than necessary to move, or creating conditions for further damage and degradation. If you are like most drivers, you want to get the most out of your vehicle. Muffler repair will help you get exactly that! If you are unsure whether your vehicle needs muffler repair, we always recommend visiting our technicians just in case. You can also watch out for these key signs of exhaust issues.

Signs of Issues

  1. Vibrations
  2. If you feel or hear vibrations coming from your vehicle’s steering wheel, pedals, or the seat, that means a piece of the exhaust system may be disconnected or leaking. Depending on the size of the damage, this sound could turn into more of a rumble.

  3. Loss of Power
  4. A loss of power is always a clear sign of something going wrong with the engine or exhaust system. It means your vehicle isn’t performing as it should and is far from its best.

  5. Failing Catalytic Converter
  6. As part of the exhaust system, the catalytic convert also signals problems with the exhaust system. A failed or failing catalytic converter makes loud sounds like coins shaking around in a metal box. It may also trigger the check engine light.

  7. Check Engine Light
  8. This is a message from your vehicle to seek professional attention right away. It could be triggered by a failing catalytic converter or another issue with the exhaust system. A trained technician will use diagnostic tools to find out for sure.

  9. Excessive Fumes
  10. Deep rumbling accompanied by excess exhaust fumes from the pipe also signal a muffler issue.

  11. Drop in Fuel Efficiency
  12. Anytime you see a decrease in fuel efficiency over time, it means your car isn’t running as well as it could. Leaks and damages in the exhaust system cause the motor to work harder and suck up more gas.

Schedule Muffler Repair

The exhaust system diverts fumes away from the engine and helps the vehicle run smoothly. If fumes are build-up, they degrade the engine. Regular inspection can help prevent this by identifying signs of degradation. You can also watch for a few signs on your own to determine when it’s time to seek muffler repair. If you notice any problems with your vehicle’s performance, contact Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey at (856) 629-6906. You can book an appointment ahead of time with our online scheduling system or stop by our shop for walk-in service. We are easy to find at 1971 N. Black Horse Pike, just a few blocks off of the Atlantic City Expressway. We look forward to your visit!