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At Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, we want to be your complete automotive resource. We want to be your trusted team to call on when problems come up and help you take care of your vehicle throughout its lifespan. To do that, we have to offer solutions for all makes and models and all kinds of services. That means providing everything from simple oil changes to expert transmission repair. Our highly trained team is up to the task! Equipped with over 20 years of automotive experience, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified training and knowledge, and the industry’s latest tools, our technicians perform complex transmission repairs in addition to general repairs and maintenance. If your vehicle needs specialized transmission repair, fluid change, rebuild, or replacement, contact our team first to learn about how we can help!

Automatic & Manual Transmission Services

At Integrity Automotive, we understand that we can’t approach automatic and manual transmissions the same way. They are each designed to operate their own way and require unique services to protect their proper functioning. That’s why our ASE Certified technicians are trained to implement accurate solutions for your specific vehicle depending on its design and drivetrain system.

Automatic Service

Drivers of automatic transmission vehicles don’t need to worry about changing gears and shifting while driving because their vehicle does it for them. The system that takes care of controlling RPMs and power from the engine is quite complex, as you can probably imagine from its important role in the drivetrain! Not every technician can tackle automatic transmission repairs with confidence or without causing further damages. That’s why it’s paramount that you find a trusted expert to take on its service. Vehicle problems are stressful enough on their own — you need someone with experience and knowledge to guide you through the process and provide dependable solutions. Integrity Automotive is your trusted automatic transmission repair team!

Manual Service

Manual transmission vehicles, also known as stick-shifts and standard vehicles, have a much simpler design than their automatic counterparts. That’s because at one time, all vehicles used manual transmissions! But that doesn’t mean that anyone can repair them. Quality is key when it comes to manual services. That’s why Integrity Automotive only uses parts — including clutches, flywheels, and transmission fluid — from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and well-respected brands. We put our best into your vehicle’s transmission repair to provide reliable results! If your vehicle won’t budge or seems to be shifting roughly, don’t delay. Contact our experts for assistance!

Schedule transmission repair

Our experts are ready to take on your vehicle’s transmission repair! Call (856) 629-6906 to learn more about financing and warranty options (2-year/24K & 3-year/36K) and schedule your vehicle’s appointment. You can also use our convenient online scheduling system to select a time for its repair. We look forward to seeing you at 1971 N. Black Horse Pike, a few blocks off of the Atlantic City Expressway soon!