Fuel Injection Conversions in Williamstown, NJ

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Classic Car Restoration

Are you looking for expert help with a classic car restoration project? If so, Integrity Automotive couldn’t be more eager to get started as your support team. With a full range of general auto repairs and maintenance services available, we help drivers in Williamstown, New Jersey take care of their daily drivers and make progress on project cars. With decades of expertise, we gladly accept all makes and models, both old and new, for service. Let’s start working towards the vehicle of your dreams today with a consultation and estimate. Our technicians are excited to hear your plans and help you see the results you’ve been dreaming of! Visit our shop at 1971 N. Black Horse Pike or call (856) 629-6906 to get started!

Switching to EFI?

Are you switching to electronic fuel injection (EFI)? Integrity Automotive helps with fuel injection conversions to modernize classic cars to improve performance and efficiency. You want your muscle car to compete with the best cars on the road today, and to do that you need to update engine components to meet today’s standards. That starts with the carburetor but could include adjustments with the mass airflow sensor, accelerator pedal, engine control module, wiring harness, fuel pump, tank, return line & venting, oxygen sensors, and instrumentation. Depending on your specific vehicle, these components may need to be added when the carburetor is removed and replaced with EFI. But don’t let the list of to-dos intimidate you! Our team is here to help you pull off the ultimate vehicle transformation!

Motor Swaps & Custom Rebuilds

Some people visit our shop in Williamstown, New Jersey for the basics — routine oil changes, wheel alignment, occasional check engine light repairs, and state safety inspections. And don’t get us wrong — we love helping our customers with all of their automotive needs! We are here to help all kinds of drivers achieve the car of their dreams. But we especially love getting to be a part of a challenging classic car restoration project. From motor swaps to custom rebuilds, our technicians love the reward of a specialized auto job that is sure to wow our customers. Let us help you optimize your vehicle for power, fuel efficiency, reliability, or easy maintenance with fuel injection conversion service. You will see better performance overall with more consistent throttle response, increased fuel economy, smoother handling, and improved performance in extreme temperatures. No matter what kind of car or what sized project you bring into our shop, you can be sure that we’ll get the job done right with high-quality and outstanding results.