Why Your Car’s A/C System Doesn’t Function Properly

Does Your AC Blow Cold Air, Then Hot?

Aside from no functioning air conditioner at all, there are few things worse on a hot day than a vehicle AC that begins blowing cold air only to have it transition to hot before you cool off. We’ll outline a few possible problems that could cause this condition, but first, it helps to have a basic understanding of the AC system. It works by using a gas refrigerant that is liquified by a compressor. The liquid is pressurized and forced through hoses to the condenser on the high-pressure side of the system. Once there, it’s cooled similarly to how water cools in a radiator. The coolant then goes through an orifice tube or expansion valve (depending on how your particular system is constructed) to the evaporator core. That’s located on the system’s low-pressure side. The refrigerant returns to gas form. It absorbs heat from the air passing between evaporator fins. Cool air enters through vents into the passenger area, while the warm refrigerant starts the cycle over by returning to the condenser. The ASE-certified technicians at Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, understand this system well and help with all your auto AC repair needs.

Possible Problems for Temperature Inconsistencies

If your car’s air conditioner starts cool but then turns warm, there are a few likely culprits. For example, your auto could have a faulty compressor clutch. As the AC cycles on and off, the clutch can wear over time. If it becomes ineffective, the amount of refrigerant moving through the system isn’t regulated properly. Another problem might be a leak somewhere in the system. The resulting lack of sufficient refrigerant could account for the temperature inconsistency. Another problem might be an electrical fault. If the AC isn’t receiving a steady supply of power (due to a loose wire, etc.), it could go on and off. (A blown fuse could also disrupt the power supply, but the system will remain off until the fuse is replaced.) Finally, a bad expansion valve can account for the described experience. This occurs if the valve allows either too much or too little refrigerant to flow. Too little causes warm air. However, too much can flood the system, creating freezing/ice that prevents the system from working as intended.

Auto AC Repair Nearby

No matter what’s causing the trouble with your vehicle’s climate control, you can find auto AC repair nearby. Integrity Automotive has years of experience with all makes and models. Bring your hot car to us, and we’ll have you cooled down soon. We even back our work with a great warranty.

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