What Can Be Done About a Punctured Tire?

Tire Repair When and Where You Need It

Nobody wants to have a flat tire at any time, but some days are worse to have one than others. An unexpected puncture may leave you wailing, “Oh, no!” You may even wonder, “Is this going to ruin my whole day and wreck all my plans?” If you refer the problem to Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, the answer will be, “Oh, no, your day isn’t doomed. We can help.” Therefore, count on the team that’s been helping your neighbors since 1999.

Quick Facts for Puncture Repair

When you find yourself with a deflated tire, you’re likely interested in a few things. First, you want to remedy the problem because you obviously aren’t going very far with a flat. Second, you probably want to control the cost, repairing the tire instead of replacing it when possible. Although we understand and agree with these points, our primary concern is for your safety. Therefore, we’ll always examine your tire first and then have an open discussion with you regarding the feasibility of safely fixing a puncture. We’ll check the existing tire tread to see if it’s sufficient. It should have a minimum of 2/32″ (2 mm) to be considered for repair. Also, we’ll consider the size and location of the damage. A puncture located in the tread pattern that isn’t larger than 1/4″ usually qualifies for a fix provided that the tire is otherwise in good condition. (That means that it wasn’t driven flat, doesn’t show signs of sidewall cracking, and doesn’t show exposed cords and belts.) If the culpable hole is in the sidewall, it’s too large, or it’s a cut, we’ll advise you to purchase another tire because it won’t be safe to repair the ailing one. We don’t work on a tire in that condition. Even if someone could manage to make such a tire hold air for a while, it would be dangerous because it could catastrophically fail at any time in a blowout. Similarly, a worn tire that already needs replacing is not roadworthy and shouldn’t be repaired. (Important note: If you use tires rated for high speeds, you may consider tire replacement regardless of our ability to effect a repair. Some manufacturers no longer stand behind the speed rating guarantee if the tire has been repaired.)

Reliable Tire Repair Nearby

Instead of allowing a punctured tire to ruin all your plans, bring it to Integrity Automotive. We’re conveniently located near major roads, stores, and other service providers. Our ASE-certified technicians will help you with tire repair or replacement if that’s the necessary option. We’ll have you rolling and safely back on the road soon.

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