Specialty Wheel Alignment in Williamstown, New Jersey

How Can the “Unadjustable” be Adjusted to Achieve Proper Wheel Alignment?

In most cases, when you notice the potential warning signs of poor suspension angle relationships, you simply take your vehicle to a reputable repair shop for a routine wheel alignment. Some drivers, however, encounter a surprise at that point. They discover that their car’s manufacturer made the auto such that it is virtually unadjustable because of the tolerance limits it already adheres to, or they realize that the custom modifications they made (lifting, lowering, etc.) have made suspension angle adjustment difficult. The good news is that there is indeed the possibility of adjustment for “unadjustable” vehicles. Even better, Integrity Automotive of New Jersey in Williamstown, New Jersey, stands ready to help you with your specialty wheel alignment situation, regardless of cause, make, or model.

The Possible Remedies

Even though your wheel alignment need may seem impossible, our ASE-certified technicians have the expertise to help you bring your transportation back within the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances. Even so, our first step will be to check out your automobile to be sure wheel alignment is indeed the issue that underlies the signs you’re observing. If you need a wheel alignment, there are remedies for even difficult situations. For example, together, we may opt for custom camber bolts. These aftermarket parts let us change angles (and, therefore, alignment) when it might not otherwise be possible. Another option might be an adjustable control arm. This component is handy when a control arm is bent, causing a problem with the rear camber on certain models. Further, a caster/camber plate (strut plate) can benefit a vehicle that needs angles to achieve alignment beyond what the manufacturer planned. Adding positive or negative camber can drastically change the steering and handling of the car. Where there is a fixed rear angle, the addition of an aftermarket shim can help the toe and/or camber angles. Finally, a change in the front end (or in the back if your vehicle is equipped with an independent rear suspension) will necessitate an adjustment of the toe. Although some OEM toe links are not adjustable, some aftermarket versions will do the trick.

Your Go-To Shop for Specialty Wheel Alignment

Whether your transportation requires a run-of-the-mill angle adjustment or calls for a specialty wheel alignment, make Integrity Automotive of New Jersey your go-to shop. Our ASE-certified technicians are experienced with situations like yours, so you know your car is in good hands. Let us return your vehicle’s suspension angles to the manufacturer’s tolerances even if it appears impossible to the untrained eye. Your auto will ride more comfortably, handle better and more safely, and stop unnecessarily wearing on its other components.

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