Signs You Need Brake Repair

Screaming for Attention:  Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repair

Screeeeeeech!  Squeeeeeeeaal!  Grrrrrrrrrrrind!  You’ve heard it, and it’s not getting any better.  In fact, it seems to be louder each time you try to stop.  Your car is telling you that it’s time for brake repair.  Our technicians at Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, are experienced in brake repair.  We can help you fix your braking system, getting you back on the road quickly and quieting the complaints coming from your car. 

Know the Warning Signs 

To keep yourself and your passengers safe, you need to recognize the early warning signs of braking problems.  These signals may be strange feelings or noises when you apply the brakes.  For example, grinding, squealing, or squeaking during braking may indicate a need for brake pads.  Worn pads can allow metal parts to rub together, creating the noises you hear.  If you discover that you have a brake fluid leak or if your brake pedal feels spongy and “soft” when you apply pressure, you could have a damaged or failing master cylinder.  This component holds the brake fluid that is needed to apply force to the brake pads when you press the pedal, a hydraulic function.  If the master cylinder is allowing fluid to escape, your car may lack the ability to stop.  Often, this condition will cause your brake pedal to feel as if it is going all the way to the floor.  If your car has power brakes, the pedal should stop one to one and a half inches from the floor.  The pedal of a manual braking car should stop at least 3 inches from the floor.  When the brake indicator light on your dashboard is illuminated, your car’s braking system may need either routine maintenance or repair.  Should you feel wobbling, scraping, or vibration sensations when you’re braking, your vehicle may have a rotor problem.  Rotors are large metal discs that sit just inside the wheels.  The brake pads, which are attached to calipers, make contact with the rotors to slow the auto when you apply force to the brake pedal.  If the rotors are uneven, contact disruption occurs, impacting your vehicle’s ability to stop.  Undamaged rotors are evenly thick and smooth.  You could have a problem with a brake line or caliper if your car pulls to the side during braking, and a burning smell could indicate a stuck caliper or an accidentally engaged emergency brake.  

Do Something About It 

Never ignore the warning signs that your car needs repair.  Shabby brakes endanger you and others, and driving a vehicle with faulty brakes is not worth the risk.  Bring your ailing auto to Integrity Automotive for professional service that will fix your braking system and increase your level of safety.

Written by Integrity Automotive

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