Safe Fleet Management

Safety Tips for Fleet Drivers

It’s in everyone’s best interest to operate a business fleet safely. Customers get their orders or services on time, the public can motor or walk with reduced risk, drivers maintain their careers, and owners/operators minimize headaches and maximize profits. It takes teamwork and cooperation, however, to make a fleet run safely and smoothly. Both owners and drivers have essential roles to play. Having a dependable partner for maintenance and repair helps, too. Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, has been helping companies take care of fleet vehicles since 1999. That’s important. Each time one of your transports leaves the parking lot, you’re bearing the responsibility of safe operation. Neglecting your fleet or not properly instructing drivers leads to legal liability and ramifications. To avoid that, try taking these steps. First, let us attend to your vehicles’ mechanical services and repairs. Also, develop a set of written protocols for your drivers that includes safety directives. This document should include expectations for operating a fleet vehicle, procedures to follow in case of an accident, and a methodology that allows and encourages drivers to report mechanical concerns. When your drivers feel comfortable talking to you, they’re more likely to report suspected problems so that you can remedy them sooner rather than later. Furthermore, stay on top of preventive maintenance. A checklist is helpful because it enables you to keep track of vehicles, services performed, and dates. For smaller fleets, this may be as simple as a written checklist. For larger groups of vehicles, you might consider purchasing software or using a digital version. Anything that works for you will ultimately be of benefit because you’ll improve economy and safety. If your autos operate for special purposes or under unusual conditions, be sure to let us know so that we can service the vehicles accordingly.

Driver Tips

Simply stated, drivers are the heartbeat of fleet operation. Their role is critical to safe and effective transportation. If you’re a driver, take that responsibility seriously. That entails practicing self-discipline such as never drinking or using drugs when driving. Also, heed warnings about distracted driving. Common attention-grabbers are texting, setting the GPS, eating, changing controls, etc. Additionally, be active in vehicle maintenance. Report mechanical issues or items you believe need attention. Always wear a seatbelt, take breaks to stay fresh and attentive, and monitor your speed to stay within legal limits and appropriate rates for weather conditions. Finally, drive defensively, watching for other drivers who may not be as mindful as they should be.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

No matter the make or model, Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, NJ, is here to help you with fleet maintenance. We started as an independent business dedicated to honesty and high work ethics, qualities we still possess today.

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