Preventable Brake Repair

Don’t Do That! It Damages Your Brakes

Every driver knows that one of the most important systems on your vehicle is your brakes. They stand between your moving car and disaster. Therefore, you want to keep your brakes in good repair, keeping them in good condition as long as possible. But did you know that your driving habits could damage and/or shorten the life of your brakes? It’s true. We’re glad to give you a few pointers about the dos and don’ts of brake preservation. When you need brake repair, count on the ASE-certified technicians at Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Make Your Brakes Last Longer by Avoiding these Driving Habits

While brake wear that occurs over time is normal, some driving habits can accelerate trouble. For instance, you should never fall into the practice of slamming on brakes. If there’s an emergency, definitely stop as quickly as you can to avoid an accident. Pay attention and slow your speed as appropriate. The extra fluid force placed on your brake hoses can weaken those lines and leads to leaking brake fluid. What’s more, hard braking increases the likelihood of the driver behind you ramming your auto from behind. Also, avoid falling into the habit of riding your brake. This is the phrase used to describe keeping your foot resting or partially resting on the pedal. Some drivers do this often. Others tend to do this when going downhill. Whether this is done repetitively on a flat or hilly surface, it causes the brakes to generate more heat from friction than is necessary. This, in turn, leads to excessive wear and the need to replace braking components sooner. Finally, drive at a steady pace when possible. Stop and go driving wears rotors and brake pads more quickly. You cannot, of course, avoid all stop-and-go situations, but leaving an adequate distance between your vehicle and others as well as letting off the accelerator soon enough will help.

Great Brake Repair in Your Hometown

Even when you don’t abuse your brakes, you should have them inspected periodically. Eventually, all automobiles will require brake repair. You’ll want to select a shop that uses high-quality parts and backs their work with a solid warranty. What’s more, it helps if that establishment is nearby and if the staff is honest, knowledgeable, and friendly. In the Williamstown area, that local go-to shop for brake repair is Integrity Automotive.

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