Get Ready for Summer with AC Service – How it Will Help You Stay Cool

Your Car Should Not be a Greenhouse:  Preparing Your AC for Summer

New Jersey is known as the Garden State, indicating a propensity for lush growth and bountiful harvests.  It’s hard to enjoy the beauty of our state, however, with sweat pouring into your eyes while you drive in a sweltering hot car.  Although we love our flower and vegetable gardens, nobody wants to drive inside a greenhouse on wheels.  Before summer arrives, bring your ride to Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, Maryland, for service that will help ensure your car’s AC is ready to handle the coming heat.

What You Need Before You Need AC 

It’s easy to forget about your car’s AC until you need it.  You turn it on and hope it works.  Perhaps a better approach is to have your vehicle’s air conditioning system serviced and make any necessary fixes before the hot summer sun shines into your car, trapping hot air inside and creating a mobile hotspot–a greenhouse, not an internet connection!  Our ASE certified technicians will inspect the basic components, including the fan, fan clutch, refrigerant charge, and condenser (to ensure it’s not dirty or blocked).  If you already suspect your car has an AC problem, bring it in and take care of it before the rush that comes with the first hot week of summer.  Try turning on your AC now to see if you experience any of the common trouble signals.  Clearly, if the air blowing through the vents is not cool when you engage the AC, your car needs attention.  Also, if you hear an unexplained banging or rattling when you turn the air conditioner on or smell a musty, damp odor, you probably have an AC issue.  Puddling under the dash, a leak underneath the car with a greasy appearance, or a greasy film on AC components also point to an air conditioning system problem.  Finally, if you set the temperature to its coldest setting and do not hear the identifiable click of the AC clutch working, your climate control needs checking.  

Typical Repairs 

If you want to have your auto’s AC serviced prior to summer or already know there is a problem, let Integrity Automotive assist you with cooling off your ride before you overheat.  We can assess your system, identifying and repairing any AC issues.  The solution may be as simple as adding refrigerant, although this should not have to be done often.  If you need to add refrigerant more than once every couple of years, you probably have a leak.  A lack of sufficient refrigerant can prevent your AC clutch from engaging or cause the system to blow only warm air.  That wet area on the carpet under the dash can indicate a blocked drain, while dank, “wet dog” odors may reveal mold growth inside the AC system.  And those noises?  Perhaps they’re caused by an ailing compressor or pulley bearing.  No matter the service or repair need, Integrity Automotive is your one-stop-shop for saying goodbye to the greenhouse and hello to a pleasantly cool ride.

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