Don’t Let a Concern Become a Crisis for Your Car

Prioritizing auto repairs

Everybody knows that we’ve been in the midst of a public health concern during the COVID-19 pandemic.  During any kind of difficult time–whether a rough period in your household, a challenging time on your job, or a national emergency–it is easy to forget about routine car maintenance or even to intentionally ignore it out of fear of cost or inconvenience.  We understand your concerns, and we would like to help you.  You actually save money, time, and additional difficulties by maintaining your car so that it is more reliable and lasts longer.  Williamstown, New Jersey’s Integrity Automotive can help you re-prioritize your vehicle maintenance so that a life problem doesn’t turn into a disaster for your car.

Healthcare for Your Vehicle 

Think of routine maintenance as healthcare for your car.  Preventive services keep your car in good shape, making it less susceptible to disease, AKA a major breakdown that requires an expensive repair.  While some optional tasks can wait, there are some critical points of service that shouldn’t be delayed.  For example, you should change your vehicle’s oil in a timely manner.  Because aging, nasty oil is bad for your auto, it is important to stick to your oil change schedule as closely as you can.  Oil lubricates the engine’s moving metal parts, absorbs and removes heat, and suspends dirt and other debris particles that can cause corrosion.  Your oil needs to be fresh enough to function as intended so that it doesn’t lose its properties and form sludge.  Also, you should check and top off fluids such as antifreeze/coolant, brake, and power steering.  Loss of fluid can be dangerous or cause damage.  Tire maintenance is also important.  Tires need to be monitored often for proper inflation and sufficient tread depth.  Less frequently, you will need to have your tires rotated and balanced, and you may need an occasional wheel alignment, particularly if your car has been involved in an accident or you’ve had an encounter with a big pothole or similar road hazard.  Also, be mindful of spark plugs, belts, hoses, the battery, and air filters (both engine and cabin).  

The Car Doctors 

At Integrity Automotive, we understand that time and money become even more important in an emergency.  We want to help you conserve both.  We provide timely, convenient maintenance services at a reasonable price.  As our name suggests, we tell you honestly what is urgent, what can wait, and what will lead to major repairs if ignored.  Therefore, think of Integrity Automotive as a medical provider for your car, here to treat minor issues before they become bigger problems.

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