Common Causes of Blowouts

3 Things To Lookout For

Almost every driver will have to deal with a flat tire at one point in their lives. A flat is inconvenient, but the chances are that the technicians at Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, can fix it with a tire repair. A blowout, however, can be more dangerous and most costly to fix. By avoiding the following issues, you may be able to minimize your risk of complete tire obliteration significantly.

Low Tire Pressure

It’s normal for your tires to lose a little pressure with use or when the weather changes. If the pressure gets too low, though, the tires can overheat as a result of the extra work the sidewalls have to do to support the weight of the vehicle and its contents. Once the heat becomes greater than the tire can withstand, it may rupture. Check the pressure in your tires at least once a month or every time there is a significant change in the temperature outside.

Too Much Cargo

Just because you can fit a lot of stuff in your vehicle doesn’t mean it’s good for your car to do so. Too much weight inside the vehicle can put unnecessary strain on the tires. This can make them especially susceptible to a blowout if they are not inflated fully. To ensure that you are not overloading the vehicle and thus overtaxing your tires, adhere to the weight guidelines posted inside your door by the manufacturer.

Wear and Tear

If you get a small hole in your tire, you may be able to fix it with a trip to the mechanic’s shop for tire repair. There’s no repair for old age, though. With age and use, your tires lose tread and may even develop damaged spots. If the wear on your tires is significant or, even worse, uneven, you may experience a blowout.

Several circumstances can lead to uneven wear:

  • Over- or under-inflation
  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Suspension problems

The key to avoiding a blowout is frequent inspection. Contact Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey, to make sure your tires are in top shape or take advantage of their expert advice if you are in the market for new tires.

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