Can Your Tire Be Repaired?

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When your car gets a flat tire, it can ruin your whole day. Your first question is probably about whether tire repair is possible or if it’s necessary to invest in a replacement. Trustworthy auto repair shops use these guidelines established by the U.S. Tire Manufacturing Association to determine whether it’s safe to patch a damaged tire. You can use the same ones to get an idea for yourself or visit Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Size of the Puncture

Small punctures can often be patched. However, holes measuring more than a quarter-inch in diameter require the tire to be completely replaced. Tires with severe damage, including tears and separation, should never be repaired. Cuts and gashes with irregular edges are also not repairable.

Location of the Puncture

Regardless of the size of the puncture, it can only be repaired when it affects the tread. Damage to the shoulder or sidewall of the tire cannot be safely patched. A tire inspector will completely remove the tire from the wheel well to thoroughly inspect it for damage before repair can be recommended.

Number of Punctures

If your tire has more than one puncture wound, repair may still be possible. However, the damaged areas must be at least 16 inches apart from one another within the tread.

State of the Tire

Once the tire goes flat, it’s no longer safe to repair and must be replaced. That’s because the tire’s structure becomes damaged by the dramatic decrease in air pressure. Scuffing outside the tread area, which indicates that the flat tire has been driving on, also indicates that the tire’s structure is compromised and must be replaced. In addition, tires that have already been repaired once are not safe to repair a second time and must be replaced.

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