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You can always rely on our professionals to provide you with exceptional customer service. Whether you need help with a hydraulic clutch or automatic transmission, we can help!


We also offer stellar full service auto repairs and brake and tire repair services.

We have towing services available for your convenience.

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Does Your Transmission Need Work?

Get reliable repair services for your transmission, clutch and axle from the skilled and competent professionals at Integrity Automotive. Serving Williamstown, New Jersey since 1999, you can depend on our experienced professionals for high-quality repair services.

  • Transmission gears

  • Transmission oil

  • Gear shift mechanism

  • The clutch, clutch plate and clutch pedal

  • Transfer power to driveline

  • The flywheel

  • Cables and levers

Our repair services

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Transmission repair Transmission repair Transmission repair Good Year Jasper Engines and transmission pennzoil

$250.00 OFF

for a purchase of

Jasper Transmission installed

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